To my favorite Uaddans!
Tuesday morning I loaded my car and drove back to Virginia!  What a LOT of great memories from this Reunion!  As I was driving down the road I started laughing so hard thinking about the program from Sunday night!  :-)   I want to thank Fred, Bo, George and Tom (of the Class of 1965) for not being afraid to embarrass themselves and to Gary for being our fantastic ‘Poet Laureate’!  But most of all I want to thank Jim Sneed for being the best MC that we could ever have at each reunion (even though he wouldn’t wear his heels, cocktail dress & black wig this time!!)!!  Oh…and who could ever forget our ‘Marilyn’, Sandy Reiner Rech!!!  :-)   Thank you for the gifts I received as they were so meaningful and I send special thanks to Kathie de Russy and Carolyn Thornton for all their help!  I am so blessed to have friends…no…FAMILY… like all of you!! For those that were unable to attend our 12th Wheelus ex-Students Reunion I must say you really missed a great time!  I have been told that the Class of ’65 has challenged the Class of ’67 to put on the next finale program for the 2019 Reunion!!  I can’t wait to see that!!!!  :-)                NOTICE FROM JOE NORTHROP ABOUT THE WHEELUS SCHOLARSHIP….. The Wheelus scholarship is for descendants of people who were students at Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya, who are engaged in a post high school education program at an accredited institution of higher learning.  The main criteria will be financial need. The scholarship committee will decide which student receives the award. The committee will have full discretion.  Information needs to be sent by July 15, 2016. The committee will review the information and make a decision by August 1, 2016. The information should include:    1.The name and address of the Wheelus student, the name and address of the applicant, and the name and address of each generation between the Wheelus student and the applicant.    2. The school the applicant is attending and the degree being sought.   3. An explanation of the applicant’s financial need.  Information should be no more than 2 pages should be mailed to: Joseph S. Northrop, 53 West State Street, Huntington, Indiana 46750.   A copy can be emailed to northroplaw@hotmail.com, but the original signed information needs to be mailed.  The committee is Pat Rowe, Lanny Stout and Joe Northrop. At this time there is no formal entity. Therefore donors should see their donations as essentially gifts from the donor to the scholarship recipient. The donation is not tax deductible. This year’s scholarship is $1500.  Donations can also be sent to the above address. We plan to do this each year as long as we have money to give out.  Thank you, Joe
                                                                                                                                                  I hope to see everyone at the 13th Wheelus ex-Students Reunion in 2019!!

All my love,  Judy