We at Wheelus Schools were the nomadic Americans – Tripoli, to us, was but a temporary stopping place.  Of varied backgrounds and constantly on the move in our Nation’s defense or pursuit of Oil, we converged on the edge of the desert and the shores of the Mediterranean!  New places, new opportunities, new friends and new pursuits occupied our minds and energies but the memories persist!!  It is our hope that as your memories wander to the past that this website will serve as a reminder of a happy time!


By the shining coastal waters

Stands a school so true.

Wheelus High, our Alma Mater,

Banners white and blue.

Wheelus High School, Wheelus High School,

Loud her praise we tell;

Wheelus High, our Alma Mater,

School we love so well.

Gently are the palm trees swaying

With the sands of time

Wheelus High will live forever

In your heart and mine.


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