To all my Uaddan friends!

I have delayed the 2022 Wheelus Air Base ex-Student Reunion, that was scheduled for June 9th-12th, mainly due to everyones concern of Covid-19.  I  understand the hesitation concerning being in large crowds after everything we have been through these past couple of years!  I know we are all looking forward to feeling normal and being able to get together as a group!!  After everyone responded to my latest email there were still not enough to make a 2022 reunion feasible and cost effective for either June or September.  As the majority have asked me to delay our reunion til Spring of 2023 so that they can attend, that is what I am doing!  I have now rescheduled the 2022 reunion to 2023!  The new dates are April 27th-30th, 2023 with no difference in your hotel rate.  For those of you that already reserved your room you will have to reserve then again (I sent out the information) as the hotel could not move them to our new dates.  Again, there is no change in the hotel rate that we had!!   So PLEASE, everyone, put those dates on your calendar!!  I want to all of you there!
So don’t forget  —  APRIL 27th-30th, 2023 at the Doubletree by Hilton Memphis Downtown!  I will be sending out an updated announcement! 
I have more ball caps available if anyone is interested!  For those that have not seen them please let me know and I’ll email a picture!   If you want them prior to the Reunion the price is $20 (includes postage/packaging) but if you want to buy them at the Reunion they are $15!